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We moved to Katherine in 2006

We are the creators of  'KatCountry 88'.  The station is running on a low powered open narrowcast frequency and both of us have plans to incorporate locally produced programs and showcase local country music artists.

Musicians John & Megan have expressed interest in performing live on air, while the station will play 24 hours a day, playing old and new country music
Mike (Hubby & Supporter)
A history in Broadcasting and TV that goes back to 1964, straight out of school!! Moved to the NT (Darwin) in the early 70's and managed stations like 8 CCC FM and 8 TOP FM along with the now defunct 8 DN which originally broadcast into Katherine on the old 765 KHz (AM Band). We also work for the USA Dept of Energy on major weather facilities around the world. Mike is away many months of the year and is the technical whiz kid behind the new station!! Mike has worked in all 32 Aboriginal Communities providing installation & maintenance of their facilities as well as being the author of an NT Government report into broadcasting in the NT which resulted in the formation of "The Territory Network" many years ago.

Mike comments, "We are not in competition with anyone, we are providing the narrow broadcast service, to compliment existing services in Katherine and provide a dedicated Country Music outlet for the residents!" Our system is completely home built and will offer an outlet for local Country Music enthusiasts and the emphasis is on easy local approach to both of us.
Sharon (Station Manager)
The best reception will probably be in your car, as modern cars have the best antenna systems. I am open to suggestions and pride myself on being an approachable radio operator. I am more than happy to field reception questions and offer advice during office hours on 8971-1797.

The late Slim Dusty famously sang; 'I've come a long way down the track, got a long way left to go, making songs, from what I know,' and while KatCountry 88 has a long road ahead to creating a thriving country music station for Katherine, I will be sticking to what I know best.

About me, not very interesting, a bunch of kids, a bunch of different schools and jobs. I lived in Canada 1969-1970, Germany 1971-1975, New Zealand 1980-1985, Africa 2005-2006, Portugal 2007- 2008, retired in Katherine after a long illness 2011.

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PO Box 1641 Katherine, NT, 0850, Australia