438.725 MHz 91.5 CTCSS

Katherine, Northern Territory

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The Hardware

The Node is now a VE7LTD (Dave Cameron) completely self contained embedded IRLP/Echolink Node running Debian Wheezy.

The Radio is a Yaesu DR-2X repeater on the IRLP frequency of 438.725 MHz (Negative 7 MHz split) running 50 watts, and located about 5 Km East of Katherine on a local high spot.

The Antenna is a Diamond X-50.

The PC is on a UPS which will run the system for several mins in the event of a power failure.

A special board interfaces the Radio with the PC.

The Software

The software is Debian Buster with the latest version of the IRLP software.

The various scripts are written and modified by Amateurs from around the World.


The following diagram shows how Echolink works.


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