438.725 MHz (VK8RKT) 91.5 CTCSS (-7 MHz split)

Katherine, Northern Territory

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IRLP Node 6800, Katherine
Will stay open for about 5 mins

Solar Conditions

Solar Conditions

Solar Conditions

Lightning Detector (centred on the house in Katherine)

(Refreshes every 30 seconds)

Important Disclaimer: This is an experimental personal Lghtning Detection system. No accuracy is implied or should be assumed. It is an indication of what is happening and approximate bearings.
Do NOT rely on this in any situation. As always, the authoratative source is the Australian Bureau of Meteorology.



VK8RKT move to 70 cm

After many difficulties with the 2 M Cavities, we have moved to 70 cm. 431.725 MHz in and 438.725 MHz out. (The new 7 MHz split). The Repeater requires 91.5 Hz CTCSS for access. It does transmit 91.5 Hz CTCSS, which is there optionally if you want to use it. The input will accept C4FM (No DCS) input or analogue, but is locked to FM only out.

Katherine 2M Repeater

On May 10th 2018 The Katherine new 2M repeater was commissioned. Out 146.750 MHz and in 146.150 MHz with 91.5 Hz CTCSS on the input. The input will automatically accept either C4FM or Analogue FM. The output is locked to Analogue FM at this point in time. Reports are welcome. Both IRLP and EchoIRLP are in operation via the repeater.

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