146.750 MHz 91.5 CTCSS

Katherine, Northern Territory

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Regular Programmes

The node automatically transmits the current UTC Time on the UTC Hour.

On Sunday afternoon at 1335 hrs (local NT time) Node 6800 broadcasts "ARRL Audio News" the latest news from them from their podcast site.

On Sunday afternoon at 1500 hrs (local NT time) Node 6800 broadcasts "The RSGB Weekly Programme", a compilation of various segments on Amateur Radio from the United Kingdom.

On Sunday afternoon at 1300 hours (local NT time) Node 6800 broadcasts the "AR Newsline Programme" which contains news from around the world on the Amateur Radio Scene.

On Sunday morning at 1000 hrs hours (local NT time) Node 6800 broadcasts the WIA National News. This now also incorporates NewsWest from the VK6 group

On Sunday afternoons at 1600 hrs (local NT time) Node 6800 broadcasts "This Week in Amateur Radio"

On evey second Sunday of the Month (except January) at 1400 hrs (local time) Node 6800 broadcasts "The Old Timers Programme"


Important addition: The River height under the Katherine Bridge will now be broadcast automatically on the half hour. It can also be called at any time by issuing the following DTMF command:

#00 Katherine Bridge

#01 Katherine Gorge

I have added the following extras to our Katherine node and you can activate them by using your keypad the following way:

To find out what the time is at a node anywhere in the world key ## followed by the node number you want to connect to and you will be told what the time and date is at the distant location.

Selected Australian cities and towns have been programmed so that you can check the temperature and other attributes of that place. This is a list of those currently programmed. Just DTMF key the following to get the weather:

If you choose to use the download/play on demand facility with the programmes there are a few simple rules. There is no indication that the download has started or finished.

Next, when you choose to play it, once started it must run to its conclusion. There is nothing you can do to stop it.


Australian Capital Territory

#10 Canberra

New South Wales

#20 Sydney
#21 Wagga Wagga


#30 Melbourne
#31 Mildura
#32 Melbourne Hills


#40 Brisbane

South Australia

#50 Adelaide #51 Coober Pedy

Western Australia

#60 Perth
#61 Port Hedland
#62 Giles
#63 Kununurra
#64 Christmas Island
#65 Paraburdoo


#70 Hobart
#71 Launceston

Northern Territory

#80 Darwin
#81 Darwin Rural
#82 Jabiru
#83 Katherine
#84 Gove
#85 Pt Fawcett
#86 Groote Eylandt
#87 Boroloola
#88 Tennant Creek
#89 Alice Springs

Additional Useful Codes

Download/Play Programmes on Demand

823 Download WIA
903 Play WIA
824 Download Newsline  904 Play Newsline
826 Download ARRL 906 Play ARRL
827 Download RSGB 907 Play RSGB




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